• Oct 17, 2016
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Behind The Design: Q&A with Dvira Ovadia

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Interior designer, Dvira Ovadia, takes us behind the design of this stunning master retreat. This space was recently featured on the cover of the latest Beautiful Design Made Simple magazine.

Dvira Ovadia Bedroom Interior

As such an important space in one’s home, are there any unique considerations you make when designing a bedroom space?

Picking the right pieces of furniture as well as the coordinating decor is essential in creating the environment that we envision for our clients based on their needs, likes and inspirations. The chair has a relaxed look, picking pieces that suit the function and spell comfort are essential in master bedroom.  The linen fabric give this chair its modest style, while the elegant metal side table and the beaded throw cushion uplift the overall look of the corner reading nook. The client loves the mix of casual and sophisticated, carefully assembling the right combination of pieces offers a comfy chic look.

We love the accent wall. What's some advice you would give to someone who is looking to incorporate a similar design?

An accent wall helps anchor the room, it add drama and also creates a starting off point, what I like to call the seed of the design. One of our favorite pieces is the Fortung Chandelier. The side tables are classic and simple and the fortuny lamp adds drama with upscale touch. The balance of high and low, basic and extraordinary is what I strive to achieve in all my designs. After all you need some subtle touches to make the spectacular ones stand out. The elegant mirror over the fireplace works with the contemporary design, its pattern is elegant and helps reflect our gorgeous chandelier and the wallpaper on the headboard wall.

The modern, free-standing tub makes such a statement. What was your vision for the bathroom?

This space was a renovation of a typical 80’s bathroom with an oversize built-in corner tub. We broke free from that built-in look and selected a freestanding crisp white bathtub in sculptural and elegant shape that floats above the Pulpis Grey Marble floors. The inspiration was a hotel bathroom, keeping it clean and minimal but not too clinical. 

Dvira Ovadia Bathroom InteriorThere's such a lovely mix of fabrics throughout the bedroom. What was your strategy for the materials?

The curtains are silk and done in a two tone, with a bottom band in a complementary hue. These are the elegant elements in the room which complement the pretty linen looking wallpaper that helps anchor the room. Mixing luxurious materials with natural one is what helps keep this space casual while still giving it some glamorous and timeless touches.

The flooring in both the bedroom and bathroom is simply stunning. Can you tell us about your selections?

The master bedroom has a gorgeous 7" wide natural white oak floor, the color is casual and relaxed. This carries into the bedroom from the rest of the house while the master bath is accented with a beautiful taupe-tones natural stone called Grey Pulpis.

If you had to choose one aspect or element of this design to call your favorite, what would it be and why?

I absolutely love the bedding and accent pillows, these are casual, lush and natural feeling while still combining elegant patterns and casual textures, creating the perfect finishing touches to this beautiful master retreat. Investing in linens and beautiful pillows will stand the test of time and will accentuate and highlight the bulkiest anchor in the room - the bed.


Dvira Ovadia Interior DesignerMeet Dvira Ovadia, Principal at Dvira Interiors

Dvira Ovadia is a Toronto-based celebrity and award-winning designer known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Dvira and her team service clientele throughout Ontario and the GTA. To learn more and view Dvira's portfolio visit www.dvira.com. @DVIRADesigner

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